Fantasy NASCAR: Jimmie Johnson Is A Must-Start At Dover

By lamarcolyer
Evan Habeeb-US Presswire

This is a scene that Five-time Sprint Cup Champion Jimmie Johnson has gotten use to: Wins, wins, and more wins.

Round three of the Chase stops at Dover International Speedway, where Johnson has exerted nothing but excellence – especially since 2009.

Johnson has done all but rename the race track after himself.  In his last seven races at Dover, he has led 1,638 of the 2,800 possible laps.  This accounts for 58.5 percent of the laps led in that time span.  Not to mention, he has won four of the last seven Dover races too.

Johnson is tied with Richard Petty and Bobby Allison for most wins at the track, that being seven.

In those seven victories, Johnson has won three of those in the Chase.  In his Dover Chase wins, Johnson has led 596 of the 1,204 possible laps.  This accounts for 49.5 percent of the laps led in his September wins.

Johnson won Dover in June after leading 289 of 400 laps, and it shouldn’t be second-guessed that he can’t duplicate this performance come Sunday.

When it’s all said and done, Johnson will be considered the greatest ever at this race track.  All he needs to do is win once more to break the tie, and lead about 500 more laps to surpass the all-time Dover lap leader, which happens to be Allison.  He could do both of these in a matter of a year.

So no matter where he starts, and how he performs in practice, there shouldn’t be a shadow of a doubt that Johnson should be in owners’ starting lineup.

If the motto “Numbers Never Lie” come to my mind, then the same rule should apply with ‘Ol’ Five-Time.’

In the first two races of the Chase, Johnson has finished second. I’d like to assume he gets the job done this weekend.

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