Don't Buy Into Brian Hartline Fantasy Hype So Soon

By lamarcolyer
Jennifer Stewart-US Presswire

Most fans know the number one receiver on pro teams.  Can it be said that fans know who Brian Hartline is?

Entering year four of his career, Hartline has emerged as the number one receiver for, quite possibly, the worse receiving core in the NFL – that being for the Miami Dolphins.

Suddenly, for the first four games of the season, he is leading the league in receiving yards.  After his explosion against the Cardinals for 12 catches, 253 yards, and a touchdown, he is now viewed as a hot commodity in free agency for fantasy football.  However, I wouldn’t be sold yet.

Keep in mind, in that game, rookie QB Ryan Tannehill threw for 400+ yards.  Will that happen again?  I doubt it.

Although, the real question is can Tannehill keep getting Hartline the football consistently?

Consistently is the operative word as in weeks one and three, Hartline has a combined four catches for 91 yards and no touchdowns.  In weeks two and four, he has 21 combined catches, 364 yards, and a touchdown.

The two -Tannehill and Hartline – have shown great chemistry, just not displayed with consistency early within the season.

Now granted, Hartline has gotten the targets; he has been targeted, at least, eight times each game.

On the off games he has had, it’s likely a combination of Hartline not catching passes he should catch, and Tannehill not putting the ball in the vicinity of where he could catch it.

All that I’m saying is, owners should want to see more of a body of work.

Pick up Hartline through the waiver wire, but don’t assume he’s starter-worthy right away.

Give it till week eight, and then all owners should have a better perception of what he will offer.

In short, he’s a starter-in-waiting.

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