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Santonio Holmes’ Injury Shouldn’t Hurt Fantasy Owners

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The Star-Ledger-US Presswire

This picture orchestrates the look of a defeated player on a defeated team.

With the Jets‘ best offensive player – and best defensive player – gone for the season, there isn’t much hope for team Gang Green.

The Jets offense has been criticized more than any other.  Santonio Holmes has been apart of the criticism, having been rumored that he hasn’t been giving 100 percent.

If he isn’t giving 100 percent on the field, how could he have been helping fantasy owners?

Whether Holmes was checking out in games, or whether Mark Sanchez couldn’t get him the football, this is why his fantasy value shouldn’t be missed.

The goal for having drafted players is to hope that player can reach double digit points.  He only did so once, and that was against the Dolphins for 147 receiving yards, giving him 14 fantasy points.

With a struggling offense, who would want any player from the Jets as a fantasy starter?  Calvin Johnson could’ve been there and it wouldn’t matter.  A quarterback needs to get the receiver the football.

Now let’s get into a ‘What If’ scenario.

Say Holmes were able to come back this season, who’s to say Tim Tebow wouldn’t have supplanted Sanchez as the starting quarterback?  The talks have already begun about it possibly happening.  The odds weren’t great, regardless.

With Sanchez starting, Holmes would be an inconsistent starting fantasy WR.  With Tebow starting, he’s not even a starter.

Sure his injury stings in real-life, but the point of fantasy is getting players who can put up numbers, consistently. Receivers like Brian Hartline and Andre Roberts would benefit as starters more.

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