Fantasy Football Final Word: Week 6

By lamarcolyer
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After the display put on by Aaron Rodgers Sunday night, the picture above would be a perfect meme to caption with “Guys, I got this.”

After wondering if he would perform the way he did against a stout Houston Texans defense,  Rodgers answered the question for me.

It just goes to show that no matter who the opponent is, never underestimate a great player – a conviction I rarely hesitate on.

So with his six-touchdown performance, Rodgers was the MVP for fantasy owners in Week 6, putting up 38 points. For those who had to face an opponent with him slated as the starter, my condolences. I happened to have suffered as well.

The rest of the top five fantasy performers goes as follows:

2. Shonn Greene

Yeah, owners, please do not get used to this. As Stephen A. Smith would say, a dead clock is right twice a day. Greene rushed for 161 yards and three touchdowns. This will unquestionably be the greatest performance of his career.

Fantasy Point Total: 34

3. Robert Griffin III

Concussion? What concussion? Griffin answered the bell with a gutsy performance, capping it off with a signature 76-yard touchdown run to defeat the Vikings. Methinks I picked a bad time to bench him.

Fantasy Point Total: 34

4. Jordy Nelson

So after only have one touchdown reception in five games, Nelson decided to make his presence known. He was on the receiving end of half of Rodgers’ six touchdown passes. Just when I thought having RG3 benched was the tip of the iceberg…

Fantasy Point Total: 30

5. Denver Broncos D/ST

They sneaked in based off the second half performance of one Philip Rivers. When one opposing player has a fumble returned for a touchdown, as well as throwing four interceptions, any defense will have a productive day for themselves. That means the productivity goes to owners too.

Fantasy Point Total: 28

Honorable Mentions: A.J. Green (25), Peyton Manning (22), Ray Rice (22) and Dez Bryant (21)

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