Fantasy Football: Rams D/ST Should Be Claimed Soon

Jeff Curry-US Presswire

You read correctly: claim the Rams D/ST.

But isn’t it asinine for me to say such a thing when the Rams square off against a team who just recently torched a top five defense – that being the Green Bay Packers?  Not to mention, the very next week , this same team has to match-up against another offensive juggernaut in the New England Patriots?  Simply put, survey says this should give a reason for owners to refrain from pouncing on them for the time being.

But see, when being involved in a competitive fantasy football league, it’s imperative to think ahead for the future.

The Rams defense has scored 11, 17, and 7 points, respectively, in the last three weeks.  Now albeit, their competition has been the Seahawks, Cardinals, and Dolphins.  None of these teams are offensively sound.

Looking ahead to their schedule, the Rams have favorable match-ups after their Week 9 Bye.  Those teams would be the Bills, Jets, Seahawks, Cardinals, etc.

Now granted, the Rams defense are a type of team that has shown the propensity to force turnovers.  In fact, in the Rams first four games, the defense had forced eight turnovers.  In the last two games, they hadn’t forced much but a forced fumble against the Cardinals.  The positive is that while the Rams defense have been lackluster in the turnover department, they haven’t allowed no more than 17 points.  So if turnovers aren’t forced, then there’s a chance the Rams aren’t allowing many points.  It’s the best of both worlds.

To clear any smoke, some of those teams listed aren’t all mediocre.  There are just quarterbacks for those teams that can be forced to commit turnovers.  The Rams can force Mark Sanchez, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Russell Wilson – which they did make throw three interceptions in Week 4 – Josh Freeman, etc, to make mistakes.

Long story short: Claim the Rams D/ST, have them benched for the next three weeks, then, feel free to start them for the remainder of the fantasy football season.

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