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Jim Harbaugh’s Decisions Cost Fantasy Owners Dearly


Jim Harbaugh’s decision to take a safety off of the board Thursday night is one that many fantasy owners are furious about.

On a penalty in the end zone during the fourth quarter of the 49ers’ win over the Seahawks, Harbaugh decided to take a gain by Seattle which was short of a first down instead of taking the safety which would have given San Francisco a 9-point lead. The problem is Harbaugh cost fantasy owners valuable points.

In the league I play in, a safety is worth the standard two points and if that person loses by one point this week, I’m sure they will be sending Harbaugh a stern letter about losing their fantasy match-up. It’s not like Harbaugh will care about that letter but he has cost many owners a victory this week. The 49ers were a great match-up against a bad Seattle offense at home and they fulfilled that matchup by giving up just six points.

That is not the only fantasy gripe against San Francisco this week. There are Vernon Davis owners that started the big tight end (even though I said not to in the Week 7 Start/Sit) and got a big giant goose egg for their efforts. Davis wasn’t even targeted one time during the victory. I don’t think Davis is being de-valued in the 49ers’ offense but not being targeted even one time is a disturbing stat to look at. Davis has another brutal matchup next week in Arizona. It will be wise to sit Davis next week, a lot of people wish they would have this week.