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Arian Foster: Best Fantasy Football Running Back Hands Down


Fantasy Football owner’s most coveted gem on his/her roster is the consistent producer. These are the players who will show up for you every single week and dominate your stat lines. When you can eliminate doubt, life is a lot easier setting up your fantasy team for the best possible position to win.

Arian Foster has been everything fantasy owners could want, and more. He has been the epitome of the workhorse running back, and hands down the best back in the NFL through 7 weeks. As far as fantasy running backs go, Foster takes the cake.

The Houston Texans rely on their run game more than anyone else in the league, and for good reason. They have given Foster a league leading 168 carries, and hand the rock to him, on average, 24 times a game. With those touches, Foster also leads the league in touchdowns and rushing yards, with 10 touchdowns (9 rushing) and 659 yards. They have obviously found something that works, and their team is sitting at 6-1 going into a Week 8 bye.

As far as consistency goes, Foster has scored a touchdown in each game this year. He has averaged 18 points a game in standard format leagues. He also has double-digit touchdowns in 3 games. This man alone will give you an advantage at running back every single week. This value cannot be replaced with such little depth at the position.

After this week’s bye, Foster’s matchups are mostly cream puffs. He immediately comes back to a Buffalo Bills defense that just saw Mr. Underachieving, Chris Johnson, run for 195 yards and 2 touchdowns. After that he won’t see a top 10 rushing defense until Week 13 against the New England Patriots. Life is good for Foster owners.

There were doubts about him being dubbed “injury prone”, and about his new lifestyle as a vegan making him “weaker”. Needless to say, he has overwhelmingly silenced those critics. Due to Foster’s league leading statistical domination, he is the most coveted running back in fantasy football.

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