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Matt Schaub Is The Most Inconsistent Fantasy Football Quarterback


The Houston Texans have had an offensive explosion this season.  They are currently ranked second in the NFL by averaging an ungodly 30.9 points a game, which is actually only 0.1 points less per start than the first place New England Patriots.

Most people would think that the Texans’ quarterback, Matt Schaub, would be enjoying the best season in franchise history.  However, the 31-year old has had a very up and down 2012 fantasy season.

Schaub threw for a ridiculous 290 yards and four touchdowns against the Denver Broncos in week 3.  However, Schaub has yet to throw for over 300 yards in a single game this season, which only frustrated fantasy owners even more.  Schaub has also thrown one touchdown or fewer in four of his seven starts this year, something that has certainly taken its toll on the fantasy community.

The main player contributing to Schaub’s inconsistencies has to be All-Pro running back Arian Foster.  Foster has pillaged nine touchdowns away from Schaub owners, while also racking up 659 yards on the ground.  To make matters worse, Foster’s backup, Ben Tate, has also scored two touchdowns.   This point is simple, if running backs are scoring touchdowns, then Schaub cannot.

There is some light at the end of the tunnel, because Schaub will have a huge game against an abysmal Buffalo Bills’ defense in week 9. However, expect him to have another sub par outing in week 10 against an outstanding Chicago Bears’ defense.

Schaub was drafted by thousands of fantasy fans to be their starting quarterback, but he has only performed like a starter in one game, his four-touchdown outburst.  He may not be an every week starter anymore, but he will certainly have his big performances now and again.  The trick is to study the matchups and hope that you start him in the right week.