Fantasy Football Corner Moment: Jermichael Finley

By lamarcolyer
Benny Sieu-US Presswire

There comes a time where someone needs to be called out for lack of production.  Sport telecasts that I’ve watched have these “C’Mon Man” or “Where you at” segments.  Well, there’s something my pals and I created back in my sophomore year of high school; it’s called “Go to corner.”

Basically, it’s a dunce moment, and for this first edition, Packers TE Jermichael Finley gets the inaugural induction per se.

Before the regular season began, it was known that Finley was a top five – maybe even top three – selection among tight ends in drafts.  The reason being is because Finley has an elite quarterback in Aaron Rodgers to get him the football.  When that happens, production goes up.  But for some reason, he has come up short in that department.

Rodgers has thrown 21 touchdowns this season, which leads the NFL.  With Greg Jennings out, you would think Finley would benefit in the passing game more.  Instead, he hasn’t caught one in his absence.  Better yet, he only has one TD reception this season – that being week one against the 49ers.

This is concerning considering WR Donald Driver has more touchdown receptions than Finley, and he’s not involved within the offense as much.

Now granted, he has been battling shoulder injuries.  However, with Pats TE Rob Gronkowski battling injuries himself, he’s doing just fine.

So at the end of the day, maybe Finley simply screwed himself.  After all, he decided it was a grand idea to criticize Rodgers when the Packers started slow.  Perhaps, he took himself out of favor with him.  Not to mention, whenever the ball was thrown in his direction, he would fail to make the play, mainly by dropping passes.

Bottom line is that there should be no excuse for Finley’s struggles.  He is playing with arguably the best quarterback in the NFL.  Production shouldn’t be an issue.  He’s averaging a lackluster 3.5 fantasy points a game. Fred Davis is still averaging a tad more than that, and he’s out for the season.  For that, take a spot in the corner.

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