Fantasy Football Spotlight: Michael Vick

By lamarcolyer
Howard Smith-US Presswire

Stick with Vick….catchy, right?

Whether the slogan flows or not, that doesn’t mean he’ll give you any reason to do so.

It’s quite peculiar considering this is a guy who was a free agent in fantasy during the 2010-2011 season.  From that moment, Michael Vick may be regarded as the greatest free agent pickup in fantasy history, sailing to the top of the charts in fantasy production.  Where is the guy whose performance resembled one of a video game against the Washington Redskins in a Monday Night Football game?  His stat line was one for the record books, as well as in fantasy, as he generated 50+ fantasy points for owners.  Something that is the rarest among rare, if leagues go by standard scoring.

But since then, expectations has soared, and quite frankly, Vick has not lived up to it.  But that’s primarily because he has been hurt, and then even when healthy, teams seem to have him figured out.

It’s clear that pressure amounts on him more as the Philadelphia Eagles have been sliding, and Vick hadn’t been helping with his turnovers.  After a loss against the division rival New York Giants, coach Andy Reid contemplated switching quarterbacks.  However, Reid gave assurance that Vick would start Week 9.

The timing couldn’t be any better for Vick and the Eagles offense.  The next opponent just so happens to be the New Orleans Saints.  Remember when it was mentioned that any starter should be started when facing the Saints? The same rule applies here.  Vick needs a remedy, and here’s the best of them all.

It was said that the Saints are the first team since 1950 to allow 400 yards or more on defense in their first seven games.  That’s a half-century.  Therefore, it isn’t far-fetched to continue saying their defense is amongst the worst ever witnessed.

If there is anything that is against Vick’s favor, it is because he and the Eagles will still be playing in a hostile environment.

The Saints are dead-last in defending fantasy quarterbacks, and next-to-last against the run.  Vick, and LeSean McCoy, could certainly have field days on the ground.

If Vick can’t manage to dominate a non-existent defense, then that’s when it is time for not just Reid, but fantasy owners of his to move on to another option.  A sub-par performance is not an option.  He needs to take it upon himself to continue the annihilation others have put on the Saints defense.  His job is on the line.

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