Fantasy Football Spotlight: Josh Freeman

By lamarcolyer
Bruce Kluckhohn-US Presswire

Bucs QB Josh Freeman is one of the hottest performing quarterbacks in the last three weeks.

Freeman had opened many eyes in his second season after struggling his rookie year. Then, instead of a sophomore slump, he scuffled in his third year and continued that into his fourth year as a pro.

But over said three weeks, it’s like he was snapped out of a trance, and played like it was the year 19…2010. Did you think I was really going to go there?

In his last three contests, Freeman has thrown for nine touchdowns and one interception. His opponents were the Chiefs, Saints (go figure) and Vikings. Normally, it could be said that his match ups were favorable, and while that is true, he didn’t play that well–at least in the eyes of fantasy owners–against suspect pass defenses in the Giants and Redskins prior to the Bucs bye week.

‘Bye’ is the operative word as since then, Freeman has been on fire. His fantasy point total has been 23, 29 and 22 in those games.

He’s not just getting the touchdowns, but the yards too, throwing for a 300 and 400 yard game in that time span. Guess which type of performance he had against New Orleans?

With the addition of Vincent Jackson, it was known that he would help young Freeman one way or another. Jackson hasn’t just helped him, but he’s gotten some pressure taken off of Mike Williams, who struggled last year as well. Williams’ production has returned to what it was two seasons ago.

The Bucs are facing a 24th ranked defense against fantasy quarterbacks in the Oakland Raiders. So for owners, what should be done goes without saying.

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