Fantasy Football Stud Performance: Brandon Marshall

By Evan Hale


Brandon Marshall has dominated the Chicago Bears passing offense, as he leads in targets, yards, and obviously touchdowns. He has garnered 40 percent of all receptions.  He added to all 3 columns today with 9 catches for 122 yards, and wait for it… 3 touchdowns. A huge day for him and quarterback, Jay Cutler, as the Bears posted 51 points on the Tennessee Titans.

Even after establishing an early lead in the game, the Bears continued to feed Marshall the ball. Marshall scored his last two touchdowns in back to back scoring drives, completing the hat trick.

This duo has connected for 7 touchdowns and 797 yards, which is just under 99 yards per game. They are easily in the top 3 of quarterback/wide receiver duos in the league. They have joined the ranks of Eli Manning and Victor Cruz and Andy Dalton and A.J. Green.

This matchup had the makings of a monster day for Marshall, as the Tennessee secondary couldn’t stop Oprah on a go route. They had been allowing 1 passing touchdown and 139 passing yards per game. Needless to say, Marshall and Cutler used and abused this already vulnerable defense.

Looking forward, Chicago will see a much bigger test against the Houston Texans. I would not expect the same numbers against this stifling defense, but Marshall is still a must start. He is there best option in the red zone, and will continue to receive a ton of targets.

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