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Fantasy Football: Top 15 Players You Regret Drafting Through Week 9

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Disappointments and busts happen every year in fantasy football. We all try to avoid these hair-ripping situations, but it's just part of the game we play. Whether it's an injury to your star player or simply the fact that he is not producing on the field, it happens to all of us.

Other times, I truly believe bad decisions are made because many fantasy players listen to the so-called "experts" who really are nothing more than football fans with a nice imagination.

Fantasy football, and fantasy sports in general, takes time and effort to truly be successful. You can't just pick names out of a hat, or pick your favorite player on your favorite team. If you are reading this, and you did just that, how is that panning out for you this year if you are a San Diego Chargers fan? How about a through thick and thin Kansas City Chiefs fan?

You can probably make a case for 50-100 players that haven't lived up their expectations and have let down their owners, but there are 15 players in particular that have really screwed up the fantasy football world whether it was via injury, or just downright bad play.

This is why doing your homework and being prepared in fantasy football pays off. Things can change very quickly and many don't have the mindset or the knowledge to offset their own mistakes.

There is still hope for those that made these dreaded mistakes as the season still has roughly 3-4 weeks before it's playoff time depending on your leagues settings. However, these particular players have disappointed owners through 9 weeks, and time is running out. In no particular order, let's take a look at the Top 15 players that fantasy football owners certainly regret drafting through 9 weeks of play.

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15. QB Phillip Rivers, San Diego Chargers

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Phillip Rivers has more turnovers than touchdowns this season. He has only eclipsed 300+ passing yards once this season, and is currently ranked 26th at the quarterback position.

This is not the Rivers owners thought they were drafting because he has thrown for 57 touchdowns and nearly 10,000 yards the past two seasons. That Phillip Rivers has not shown up in 2012, and he's been somewhat of a disappointing bust for owners.

Brandon Weeden is more valuable than Rivers at this point...I'll just move on after that statement.

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14. RB Darren McFadden, Oakland Raiders

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Congratulations to Darren McFadden and his owners on making it through 9 weeks with a clean bill of health. That all changed last week when McFadden went down with a high ankle sprain, and will more than likely miss some time like he has already done so many times in his career before.

The injury is certainly disappointing, but it was already too late for McFadden owners. 2012 has been nothing but disappointment. McFadden has two touchdowns, and has only rushed for 100+ yards twice. Hell, McFadden has only two games of 20+ rushing attempts this season.

"Run DMC" isn't even a top 20 running back at this point and most drafted him expecting him to absolutely outscore guys like Alfred Morris and Stevan Ridley, right?

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13. QB Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys


Buffalo Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick. San Francisco 49ers QB Alex Smith. Oakland Raiders QB Carson Palmer. All of these men are more valuable than Tony Romo through 9 weeks of fantasy football, and all of them were drafted decades after you drafted Romo, if at all.

Romo has roughly 114 standard fantasy points, and like Phillip Rivers, has turned the ball over more than he's reached the end zone. 15 turnovers compared to just 10 touchdowns to be exact. The only thing keeping Romo valuable is the fact that the Cowboys are horrible, so he's racking up yardage to salvage his bust of a season.

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12. WR Hakeem Nicks, New York Giants


Hakeem Nicks has missed three games this season due to foot and knee problems. His season can be summed up like this, one good game and one touchdown.

Week 2 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Nicks caught ten balls from Eli Manning for 199 yards and a touchdown. And that was the last we have seen of Mr. Nicks as he's been shutout since his week 3 injury. Very possible that he's not playing at 100%, but either way, Nicks is a complete bust for his owners at this point.

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11. RB Demarco Murray, Dallas Cowboys


Demarco Murray has been anything but the promising rookie he showcased himself as in 2011. After rushing for nearly 900 yards in only 13 games, many fantasy players targeted Murray in their 2012 drafts.

Again, like many others, Murray's season can be summed up quickly. One good game, one touchdown, and one sprained left foot. He has missed three consecutive games and it's looking like he will make it four as he's doubtful this Sunday versus the Philadelphia Eagles.

If you are in denial, and think you just ran into a case of bad luck with the foot issue, think again. Murray is a full-blown bust through 9 weeks. Detroit Lions RB Joique Bell holds more value at this point and he's not even the starter on his own team.

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10. WR Andre Johnson, Houston Texans

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The days of Andre Johnson being an elite fantasy wide receiver are over. Don't get me wrong, he's still a good player, but things just aren't the way they used to be.

Andre Johnson's value dipped when the era of the Houston Texans airing it out and getting into track meets stopped. With a stout defense and possibly the best running back in the game in Arian Foster, Johnson no longer gets fed from QB Matt Schaub like he used too.

Johnson has had four games with 3 or less catches, and he has a lousy total of two touchdowns for the 2012 season. Players like Oakland Raiders WR Denarius Moore and Miami Dolphins WR Brian Hartline have produced more fantasy points than Andre this season, and that's a horrible sign for those who drafted Johnson.

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9. RB Maurice Jones-Drew, Jacksonville Jaguars

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Maurice Jones-Drew is another player that is giving fantasy owners the blues. He has missed three consecutive games with a foot sprain, and had struggled prior to the injury.

Fantasy owners more than likely drafted MJD as their RB1 and he has done anything but produce like a one. He has one rushing and one receiving touchdown on the season. Regarded as a "workhorse," MJD has only 20+ rushing attempts in one game this season and has only rushed for 100+ yards once this season.

Players like New York Giants RB Andre Brown and Lions RB Mikel Leshoure hold more value through week 9. If that doesn't shout BUST for a first-round draft pick, I don't know what does.

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8. WR Greg Jennings, Green Bay Packers


How aggravating has Greg Jennings been for you this year? I can feel the pain, because I'm a Jennings owner myself.

Regarded as the #1 option in a pass-happy offense with one of the best NFL quarterbacks in Aaron Rodgers, what wasn't to like about Greg Jennings prior to the start of the season?

A nagging groin injury has kept Jennings out for the majority of the season and he will not be back until at least late November according to the Packers staff.

Most likely a 1st or early 2nd round pick in most drafts, owners have no choice but to try to sell him on the cheap, or let him rot on the bench. 12 receptions, 78 receiving yards, and one touchdown. That's a stat line that will give fantasy owners night terrors. Better stick to those Old Spice commercials, Greg.

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7. RB Ryan Matthews, San Diego Chargers


Honestly, all I ever hear about Ryan Matthews is how good of a running back is, and how he's a must-start. I'm sorry, but I just don't understand the hype.

Matthews missed the first two games of the season, but that wasn't a surprise for owners as he was injured before the regular season began. What is a surprise for Matthews owners is the fact that he has reached the end zone a total of ONE time this season.

Matthews has yet to eclipse 100 rushing yards in a game this season, and is not even ranked in the top 25 at the running back position. Call it injury problems, call it team problems...Matthews is not worth the position you drafted him at before the season began.

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6. RB Michael Turner, Atlanta Falcons


I think it's time that Michael Turner can officially give up his nickname as "the burner." The flame has burned out, and Mr. Turner is no longer the elite back he once was.

Yes, he does have four rushing touchdowns and one receiving on the season. The reality though, is the fact that Turner is no longer the workhorse in Atlanta as they have become a more pass oriented offense.

Turner has only rushed for 100 yards twice this season, and has only attempted 20+ rushes in two games, which just so happened to be the past two weeks. The emergence of RB Jacquizz Rodgers is further proof that Turner's role in the offense, as well as his fantasy value, are diminishing.

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5. WR Dez Bryant, Dallas Cowboys


Dez Bryant is a freakish athlete that has failed to live up to his hype. That trend looks to continue in his 2012 campaign as he's having a lousy season through nine weeks.

Bryant has had three games this season where he has recorded one single fantasy point. That's not a typo, that's correct, one single point in three games this season. The only week that's worth talking about is week 6 against the Baltimore Ravens. He hauled in 13 balls for 95 yards and two touchdowns, and that was easily his best game of the season.

Other than that, Dez has been nothing but a bust for owners who drafted him ahead of his counterpart, Miles Austin, who has doubled the production of Bryant and ranks in the top 15. Players like Seattle Seahawks WR Sidney Rice and Cleveland Browns WR Josh Gordon are more valuable than Bryant at this point. Ouch.

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4. WR Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals


Larry Fitzgerald does hold value, don't get me wrong, but there is no way he is living up to his preseason ranking of #2. He does have four touchdowns on the season, and he does bode well for PPR formats, but he's still a regret for most that took him in the first round.

WR Andre Roberts, Larry Fitzgerald's teammate, holds more fantasy value as he's recorded more fantasy points through nine weeks. And there's no way in the world anyone took Roberts ahead of Fitzgerald in their drafts. Larry is barley cracking the top 20 in terms of rankings, and whether it's John Skelton or Kevin Kolb running the show, I don't think Larry can do much to help his owners out at this point.

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3. RB Fred Jackson, Buffalo Bills


Fred Jackson was considered the best back in fantasy football besides Ravens RB Ray Rice in 2011 before he broke his leg in week 11. He played 10 games, rushing for 934 yards and recorded six touchdowns.

Coming into the 2012 season, it was rumored that Jackson would split time with C.J. Spiller, but Jackson was still the more desired back in Buffalo. In week 1, Jackson owners got deja vu all over again as Jackson went down with a leg injury. This time it wasn't as serious, but Jackson did miss some time which also opened up the floodgates for C.J. Spiller and his owners.

Jackson has one rushing and one receiving touchdown on the season, and has failed to eclipse the 100 yard rushing mark in 2012. If you own Jackson, just think about this. Chargers RB Jackie Battle has recorded more fantasy points this season. Jackie. Battle.

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2. TE Jermichael Finley, Green Bay Packers


Amazing how two Packers can make this list, despite having one hell of a quarterback, but that's the reality. The difference between Jennings and Finley, is the fact that Finley does not have an injury to excuse his poor play.

Finley's best game of the season came in week 1, against the 49ers, where he had 7 receptions for 47 yards and a touchdown. Then he vanished into thin air. Despite injuries to Jennings and even WR Jordy Nelson, Finley's production has actually gone down as the season has progressed.

So anybody out there draft Tom Crabtree this year? Probably not since he's virtually un-owned in fantasy leagues despite outscoring Finley this season. Jermichael is averaging a lousy 3.1 fantasy points this season, and has recorded zero fantasy points in two games. This my friends, is what a bust looks like.

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1. TE Antonio Gates, San Diego Chargers

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Antonio Gates has scored three touchdowns in the past three weeks. That's great news for owners since the man has done virtually nothing before week 6. That bad news is the fact that Gates has produced single-digit fantasy performances in six games this season.

Gates has only caught more than 3 balls in a game just twice this season, and he's now the third San Diego Charger to make this list. I'm not hating on the Chargers even though it may seem that way, but the truth is, the whole team has under-performed this season and been big failures to their owners.

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