Fantasy Football Debate: Is Matt Schaub an Elite Quarterback?

By andrewmorton

When I asked Twitter what I should write about, I got a few responses, and the one that stood out to me the most was the question: “Is Matt Schaub Elite?” So let’s look at that shall we?

The reason this question was asked is because of the numbers Schaub puts up on a yearly basis. In Week 11, Schaub threw for 527 yards which tied him with Warren Moon for the second-most passing yards of all time in an NFL game. The main factor being Andre Johnson, as he accounted for 273 yards of Schaub’s total. Though Schaub did his part by delivering the ball, being able to play with a future Hall of Fame receiver skews his stats.

Since 2008, Schaub has managed to meet or surpass a passer rating of 92.0 each year. In comparison, Eli Manning, who has been called one of the best quarterbacks in the league, has only managed to have a passer rating of 92.0 or better just twice in his career. Not that we need to turn this into an Eli versus Schaub debate, but if you want to point out Manning’s breakout 2011 season, look at Schaub’s stats in 2009.

Manning’s breakout year: 4,993 passing yards, 29 touchdowns, 16 interceptions, 61% completion percentage , six fumbles, 92.9 passer rating.  Schaub’s breakout year: 4,770 yards, 29 touchdowns, 15 interceptions, 67.9% completion percentage, one fumble, 98.6 passer rating.  Schaub’s breakout season was better.

So maybe you’re not an Eli fan. What about Matt Ryan? He’s got quite a few supporters. Schaub has started six years to Ryan’s five, and in that time frame, Ryan has managed to put six points on the board five more times. However, Schaub has passed for over 2,000 more yards, while missing 16 games in his career, compared to Ryan’s two missed games. Another edge the Texans quarterback has is his career completion percentage is 65.1% compared to Ryan’s 62.3%. And lastly, Schaub’s career passer rating is a 93.6 compared to Ryan’s 89.6 passer rating.

For those of you that don’t know, I am a Houston Texans fan and this may come as a surprise; I don’t think Matt Schaub is elite. While the stats say otherwise, Schaub’s game just isn’t at the elite level. If you ask me, there are only three elite quarterbacks in the game; Drew Brees,  Aaron Rodgers, and Tom Brady.

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