Week 13 Fantasy Football Winner: Andrew Luck

By Andy Schmidt

When 2012 fantasy football drafts were about to be done, there was a lot of talk about Andrew Luck and if he was a player to draft with the pressure of being a rookie and the No. 1 pick in last April’s draft for the Indianapolis Colts. Sunday afternoon proved that Luck is fully capable of being a fantasy football starter with 391 yards passing and four touchdowns as the Colts beat the Detroit Lions.

While Luck did have three interceptions in the game, you can’t complain about the passing numbers and the touchdowns as a lot of passing was done by Indianapolis in the final few minutes in trying to rally back. Those are the “garbage time” points that you need in fantasy football and Luck put up a ton of those. Luck even topped off the day with a game-winning touchdown pass which just added to his numbers and made him the top quarterback so far in Week 13.

If you have Luck on your roster, you are a lucky owner for sure as the Colts face a weak defense in the Tennessee Titans in Week 14 and Luck should be able to put up very similar numbers. I would start Luck the rest of the way unless you have one of the big-time stud quarterbacks on your team. If you don’t have Luck starting though, start him now or if he is still available, you may just want to go pick him up and plug him into your lineup before the fantasy playoffs begin next week.

Andy Schmidt is a columnist/writer for RantSports. Follow him on Twitter @ASchmidtSports or like his Facebook page.

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