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Fantasy Football: Keep Waiting On Maurice Jones-Drew

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The beginning of the playoffs has arrived for fantasy football players and with that brings injury concerns including a big injury that is lingering for Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew. Jones-Drew suffered a foot injury nearly two months ago now and is still out. The question for owners is do they keep waiting on Jones-Drew or move on to someone else and drop him?

I would say that if you have waited this long for Jones-Drew that you can wait another week and hope he plays next week when teams will be in their semifinal games. There was concern way back in training camp when Jones-Drew was holding out about if he would be able to hold up throughout the season, which he hasn’t done. The Jacksonville running game is banged up with the top two reserves behind Jones-Drew now both out themselves so any return by Jones-Drew would be appreciated by fantasy owners and Jaguars fans.

I wouldn’t be dropping Jones-Drew at all because he will be at the top of someone’s waiver list and will be picked up almost immediately so stick it out this week and find a different option like Vick Ballard, Shonn Greene or Daniel Thomas. Those three should be able to give you enough fantasy points to get you through this week while you wait for Jones-Drew to return. It might be next week or could be another week but make sure you keep Jones-Drew on your roster and hope for the best over the next few weeks.

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