Week 16 Fantasy Football: Quarterback Game Breakers

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You won’t find any insider information that goes more in-depth to discover trends and information pertinent to your fantasy football success.

Quarterbacks that Will Perform Above Expectations:

Cam Newton (vs. Oakland Raiders): Newton has peaked at exactly the right time for some managers and unfortunately too late for others. If you are one of the fortunate owners that made it to the finals despite his struggles then prepare for a reward this weekend. The most mobile quarterback that Oakland has faced at the quarterback position this season was Ben Roethlisberger, so expect them to be flat against a player like Newton. Newton has been lighting up fantasy scoreboards recently and with the easiest matchup of his streak coming this week, you can be sure of big things.

Ben Roethlisberger (vs. Cincinnati Bengals): Big Ben put on a classic performance last week against the Dallas Cowboysbut came up a little short. He had a few choice words about play calling this season after a tough loss and the Pittsburgh Steelers know better than to limit their star quarterback’s role in a must-win game. The Bengals front-seven appears daunting for a subpar Steelers line, but Roethlisberger proved last week that he can dodge pressure and still be effective. Expect another classic Ben performance this Sunday, but this time without any restrictions.

Joe Flacco (vs. New York Giants): There is no reason that the Giants should be favorites in this game. Both of these teams were embarrassed last week, but the Giants have to continue on the road while the Baltimore Ravens remain at home with the comfort of their facility to fix their problems. The Giants secondary is depleted and Flacco should be able to pick them apart after another week of practice with his new coordinator. The Ravens are 5-2 at home and the Giants are 3-4 on the road. The talk coming into this game is the Giants dire playoff situation but the Ravens need to win in order to avoid a road playoff game.


Quarterbacks that Will Perform Below Expectations:

Tony Romo (vs. New Orleans Saints): I genuinely believe that the Saints defense isn’t as bad as people suggest and they showed this by manhandling Josh Freeman last week. The Saints are a team with a purpose right now despite being eliminated from the playoffs. They will be looking to make a statement to the NFL that they are an elite team at full strength. The rest of the season is a platform for the Saints to prove that the front office was responsible for their failures. Be careful of the Saints when they are playing inspired football. Despite their struggles on the road, they are smart enough to realize that the Dallas Cowboys playoff hopes rest on the arm of Romo and I expect them to devise a game plan accordingly.

Josh Freeman (vs. St. Louis Rams): Freeman convinced everyone early on that he wasn’t that quarterback that he showed in 2011. After a fast start, the Tampa Bay Buccanneers have lost four straight games that have correlated with Freeman’s poor play. He has posted an average QB Rating of 69 over that span and was embarrassed by the Saints defense last week. Freeman’s completion percentage is actually significantly lower than it was in 2011 but his ability to limit turnovers was his key to success this year. Now with the turnovers back in play, Freeman is not a quarterback to rely on in fantasy championships.

Russell Wilson (vs. San Francisco 49ers): Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks have been the toast of the NFL during their two-game stretch of dominating football. Wilson has played well, but his greatest success in that span came on the ground last week against the Buffalo Bills. During those two games in which Seattle outscored their opponents 108-17, Wilson only threw for 353 yards, two touchdowns and one interception. Of course he didn’t need to keep throwing any more (and probably could have even done less), but he definitely will throw more this weekend. In their last meeting, Wilson managed only nine completions on 23 attempts, 122 yards and an interception.


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