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Planning Ahead For 2013 Fantasy Football

James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

With most fantasy football leagues now over with for 2012, there will be attention paid to 2013. I’m sure there are many owners that don’t want to think about fantasy football for a long time so take this article, save it and look at it when the 2013 season grows closer. I have some ideas to better prepare so next year is the year that you win the fantasy championship and not your neighbor who will rub the fact they won the title over you in your face for the next several months.

There are no doubt that preparation must start early in doing fantasy sports. I would begin preparing for the 2013 fantasy draft as early as soon after the National Football League draft. It will be obvious who will become a starter of fantasy importance by who drafts them. The changes in free agency that will happen before the draft also come into play so after the draft is over in late April, it is time to start getting things together.

When you get to the draft, be prepared for every possible thing that could happen. There is no reason that you shouldn’t have practiced and did mock drafts at least once or twice a week in the month or two before the draft happens. This way, you know what to expect and if a curveball is thrown you have an idea of where to turn next. It has also turned into a passing league obviously so be sure you get your elite quarterback in the first two or three rounds. I’m sure everyone else is thinking the same thing but if you think a quarterback is worth it in the first round, then make the move. Hopefully these ideas help you out some when the time comes again for fantasy football. You don’t want to be on the outside looking in again next year.

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