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Week 17 Fantasy Football: Player Rankings

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Week 17 Player Rankings


You won’t find any insider information that goes more in-depth to discover trends and information pertinent to your fantasy football success.

If last week wasn’t it for fantasy football in 2012, this certainly is. Congratulations to those of you that we’re able to secure your league championships last week; hopefully it was with the help of my Week 16 rankings. My hope is that you had the confidence on draft day to pick out some good playoff matchups for your team.

Week 17 is often more difficult to predict than Week 1 due to the playoffs on the horizon and lingering injuries that will be better served by rest than exposure in a meaningless game. While Week 1 is a mystery as to who may surprise us early in the season, Week 17 is a guessing game as to who will be rested. We do our best to determine which teams are likely rest players in preparation for the playoffs but often it comes as a surprise to fans. With all playoff spots locked up except one, this year Week 17 is especially uncertain.

I have crammed a serious compilation of statistics, data and matchups into these rankings to ensure that they are exactly what you need to win on championship day. Good luck and be sure to follow my series of off-season research studies in preparation for fantasy football in 2013.

Email me your fantasy lineup questions at corey.march1@gmail.com for my Weekend Walkthrough column, posted weekly on Sunday afternoons. The column is dedicated to serving readers and addressing your fantasy needs.

You can also follow me on twitter @marchmadness26.

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Quarterback Rankings


1. Cam Newton (@New Orleans Saints)

2. Tom Brady (vs. Miami Dolphins)

3. Aaron Rodgers (@Minnesota Vikings)

4. Drew Brees (vs. Carolina Panthers)

5. Tony Romo (@Washington Redskins)

6. Peyton Manning (vs. Kansas City Chiefs)

7. Michael Vick (@New York Giants)

8. Matthew Stafford (vs. Chicago Bears)

9. Andrew Luck (vs. Houston Texans)

10. Robert Griffin III (vs. Dallas Cowboys)

11. Russell Wilson (vs. St. Louis Rams)

12. Ben Roethlisberger (vs. Cleveland Browns)

13. Colin Kaepernick (vs. Arizona Cardinals)

14. Eli Manning (vs. Philadelphia Eagles)

15. Matt Ryan (vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

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Running Back Rankings

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

1. Adrian Peterson (vs. Green Bay Packers)

2. C.J. Spiller (vs. New York Jets)

3. Doug Martin (@Atlanta Falcons)

4. Arian Foster (@Indianapolis Colts)

5. Marshawn Lynch (vs. St. Louis Rams)

6. Ray Rice (@Cincinnati Bengals)

7. Alfred Morris (vs. Dallas Cowboys)

8. Knowshon Moreno (vs. Kansas City)

9. Frank Gore (vs. Arizona Cardinals)

10. DeMarco Murray (@Washington Redskins)

11. Jamaal Charles (@Denver Broncos)

12. LeSean McCoy (@New York Giants)

13. Chris Johnson (vs. Jacksonville Jaguars)

14. Reggie Bush (@New England Patriots)

15. Matt Forte (@Detroit Lions)

16. Stevan Ridley (vs. Miami Dolphins)

17. Darren McFadden (@San Diego Chargers)

18. Ahmad Bradshaw (vs. Philadelphia Eagles)

19. Shonn Green (@Buffalo Bills)

20. DeAngelo Williams (@New Orleans Saints)

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Wide Receiver Rankings


1. Calvin Johnson (vs. Chicago Bears)

2. Brandon Marshall (@Detroit Lions)

3. Dez Bryant (@Washington Redskins)

4. A.J. Green (vs. Baltimore Ravens)

5. Andre Johnson (@Indianapolis Colts)

6. Demaryius Thomas (vs. Kansas City Chiefs)

7. Wes Welker (vs. Miami Dolphins)

8. Vincent Jackson (@Atlanta Falcons)

9. Victor Cruz (vs. Philadelphia Eagles)

10. Steve Smith (@New Orleans Saints)

11. Julio Jones (vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

12. Eric Decker (vs. Kansas City Chiefs)

13. Reggie Wayne (vs. Houston Texans)

14. Pierre Garcon (vs. Dallas Cowboys)

15. Roddy White (vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

16. Marques Colston (vs. Carolina Panthers)

17. Danario Alexander (vs. Oakland Raiders)

18. Miles Austin (@Washington Redskins)

19. James Jones (@Minnesota Vikings)

20. Hakeem Nicks (vs. Philadelphia Eagles)

21. Torrey Smith (@Cincinnati Bengals)

22. Michael Crabtree (vs. Arizona Cardinals)

23. Antonio Brown (vs. Cleveland Browns)

24. Brandon Lloyd (vs. Miami Dolphins)

25. Mike Wallace (vs. Cleveland Browns)

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Tight End Rankings

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

1. Jason Witten (@Washington Redskins)

2. Aaron Hernandez (vs. Miami Dolphins)

3. Jimmy Graham (vs. Carolina Panthers)

4. Greg Olsen (@New Orleans Saints)

5. Tony Gonzalez (vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

6. Dennis Pitta (@Cincinnati Bengals)

7. Owen Daniels (@Indianapolis Colts)

8. Kyle Rudolph (vs. Green Bay Packers)

9. Jermaine Gresham (vs. Baltimore Ravens)

10. Antonio Gates (vs. Oakland Raiders)

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Defense Rankings


1. San Francisco 49ers (vs. Arizona Cardinals)

2. Denver Broncos (vs. Kansas City Chiefs)

3. Seattle Seahawks (vs. St. Louis Rams)

4. Chicago Bears (@Detroit Lions)

5. San Diego Chargers (vs. Oakland Raiders)

6. Buffalo Bills (vs. New York Jets)

7. Houston Texans (@Indianapolis Colts)

8. New England Patriots (vs. Miami Dolphins)

9. New York Giants (vs. Philadelphia Eagles)

10. Pittsburgh Steelers (vs. Cleveland Browns)

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Kicker Rankings

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

1. Stephen Gostkowski (vs. Miami Dolphins)

2. Justin Tucker (@Cincinnati Bengals)

3. Blair Walsh (vs. Green Bay Packers)

4. Matt Bryant (vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

5. Matt Prater (vs. Kansas City Chiefs)

6. David Akers (vs. Arizona Cardinals)

7. Shayne Graham (@Indianapolis Colts)

8. Kai Forbath (vs. Dallas Cowboys)

9. Lawrence Tynes (vs. Philadelphia Eagles)

10. Steven Hauschka (vs. St. Louis Rams)