Ray Allen Is No Longer An Elite Fantasy Basketball Shooting Guard

By Adam McGill
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Shooting guard Ray Allen has been one of the most prolific 3-point shooters in the history of the game of basketball. He seems to live in the corner of the floor and has made every big three asked of him throughout his tenured NBA career.

However, Allen is now playing for the Miami Heat and is getting a career-low 25.7 minutes per game in 2012. He most likely thought he was leaving the Boston Celtics this off-season to play 30-plus minutes a game, but immediately found himself competing with Rashard Lewis and Mike Miller as the team’s most reliable perimeter shooter.

Allen is no longer the stat filler he was back in the day, as he is only averaging 11.7 points a game. Allen averaged  a dominating 24.6 points and 2.88 3-pointers a game during his five seasons with the Seattle Supersonics from 2002-06. He was an elite fantasy basketball option back then and was Mr. Automatic from the perimeter.

However, since leaving the Supersonics, Allen’s stats have fallen dramatically each fantasy season. He has only averaged 2.6 rebounds and 3.3 assists per contest since 2006, which is not exactly helping his reputation as just an outside shooter. Fantasy owners look for players who do a little bit of everything, so they must do more than knock down outside shots to earn a roster spot. In his old age, Allen has turned into a one-trick pony.

Allen may be a ten-time NBA All-Star, but he simply no longer has reliable fantasy value anymore. Further proof of this is that Allen has been dropped by an alarming 3,590 Yahoo! teams on Thursday alone. He is beyond the downside of his career; so don’t hang on to him thinking he is going to relive the glory days.

Cut ties with Allen now and start looking for a legitimate two-guard.


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