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Fantasy Football Playoff Challenge Rules

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Just because the conventional fantasy football season is over does not mean that the fun has to stop. Not many people are familiar with playoff challenges that exist on various different websites, allowing fantasy lovers to continue managing into the postseason.

This is great way for redemption if you suffered a devastating loss to end your season. Maybe you feel like you underachieved this year and want to prove to yourself and others that it was a fluke.

No matter how your fantasy football season concluded, don’t be left out of the competition during the NFL’s most important games.

For the most part there are subtle variations on each site but the premise is always the same.

Rather than drafting your team the traditional way, each team is given a salary cap that owners use to fill their rosters. The position breakdown is the same that you’re used to: one QB, two RB, two WR, one TE, one K and one DST.

When the first game of Wild Card Weekend kicks off, the games begin. You rack up points based on your player’s success and compete to score the most in your group.

The tricky part about Wild Card Weekend is that some of the best players have earned byes and therefore can’t accumulate any points for you. Be careful when selecting your initial roster because the value of each player will fluctuate from round to round based on performance and matchups.

Owners are able to change players after each round but be sure to draft a team based on talent and longevity. The best players are not only the ones that score the most points but those that will be in it for the long run.

Good luck to those of you that accept the challenge. A few popular websites to find playoff challenges are ESPN.com, NFL.com, CBSSports.com and FantasySharks.com.