2013 Fantasy Football: Arian Foster Has Schedule Advantage

By Andy Schmidt
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

When the 2012 National Football League season ended, thoughts began right away to 2013 and to fantasy football. I began looking at each team’s schedule for 2013 and discovered that there is one first-round pick that could have a huge season with the schedule ahead of them. As of right now, Arian Foster has the easiest schedule for running backs coming up next season.

That fact along makes Foster a slam dunk pick at either No. 1 or 2 in 2013 fantasy football drafts. Foster has emerged as a dominating fantasy player for the last two seasons and with an easier schedule coming next year, Foster must be taken either right away with the first pick or with the second pick after Adrian Peterson. Those two are the top picks without any doubt and can be taken in either order. The interesting fact however is that Peterson has one of the hardest schedules next season but you aren’t passing on a running back who just rushed for nearly 2,100 yards.

I know it is very early for a lot of people to think about the 2013 fantasy football season with most drafts being at least six months away but store away the fact about Foster right now and be ready to use it in August. There obviously could be changes with the teams that Foster will face but right now, Foster is the player you want to pick right at the top of the draft. It is never too early to gain some facts and figures for fantasy football.

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