2013 Fantasy Football Rookie Profile: QB Landry Jones

By Corey March
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Landry Jones fell one completion short of the Cotton Bowl single game record, but that wasn’t the only thing that fell in the Oklahoma’s 41-13 loss to the Texas A&M. Jones’ draft stock plummeted as a result of his subpar bowl game performance.

He completed 35 of his 48 attempts for just 278 yards, an average of 5.8 yards per completion. The once-coveted quarterback showed that he may not have the fantasy football potential that many anticipated.

The senior quarterback was hesitant throwing the ball down field, and showed must more comfort throwing passes underneath. In addition to being tentative on his throws, Jones allowed the defense to read his eyes by frequently staring down his targets. One of his major shortcomings has always been his inability to escape pressure, and that was also on display Friday night.

Jones entered the season as a candidate to emerge as the top quarterback of his draft class. After a stellar sophomore season, he owned that label only to relinquish it with an unimpressive junior campaign.

He has the reputation of a quarterback that goes through progressions well, but when the he fell behind against Texas A&M, one of his strengths become a glaring weakness. This is a poor indication of how he may play from behind and under pressure at the next level, where he will surely face deficits.

Jones hit a career-high 66.1% completion rate in his senior year, which reinforced scouts approval of his accuracy. He did appear accurate on intermediate passes in the Cotton Bowl, but failed to connect on deep balls.

Fields currently projects as a late second to early third-round pick. His experience as a battle-tested quarterback should be appealing to many on draft day, but if any team spends higher than a third round pick on him, they will likely be disappointed.

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