Fantasy Football 2013: Robert Griffin III Injury Update

By Corey March
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

It’s reasonable to have concerns over Robert Griffin III and his destroyed right knee. A torn ACL, LCL, partially torn meniscus and a second major knee reconstruction in just a few years is really as bad as it sounds. In all honesty, I can’t think of a more severe case suffered by a star player in the NFL in recent memory.

The injury has fantasy football owners in a panic over how to approach the situation. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear a few of his dynasty league owners admitting to sleepless nights. Chris Mortensen reported that the six-hour surgery would require six to eight months of healing before Griffin III would be ready for contact. Mortensen has seen a many knee injuries over his long journalism career, so we can put stock in his estimate.

While the  Washington Redskins will definitely be careful with their prized quarterback, I am willing to bet that Griffin III will be on the field come Week 1. If you need more reassurance, Griffin III’s dad shares the same optimism. He was there when Griffin III suffered his underwent his first ACL reconstruction in 2009 and was reported as saying that his son will is feeling even better than he did after his first go-round. I guess experience helps when it comes to major knee reconstruction?

“He’s doing really good. No problems.” Robert Griffin II said in an interview. “Everything seems to be working out pretty good. It’s not as bad as everybody thinks. He’s determined and motivated to be back.

“Time-wise, he has enough time ahead of him. Eight months is a lot of time. After eight months last time (in 2009), he felt very good, and the people around him felt very good.”

His father added that Griffin III has an Adrian Peterson style recovery in mind.

Although this is his second time injuring the knee, I am confident that he will come back in a similar fashion to Peterson. Both players share the same unstoppable personality and work ethic. You can believe that if that knee heals properly, Griffin III will be back stronger than ever.

It’s reasonable to expect slightly less action on the ground but the production will be accounted for by Griffin III’s elite passing ability.

My predictions for RGIII’s 2013 stats: 3,850 passing yards, 475 rushing yards, 32 total touchdowns and 10 interceptions.

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