Derrick Rose Fantasy Basketball Injury Update

By Corey March
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Adidas has done an exceptional job documenting and promoting #TheReturn but now is the time for fantasy basketball owners to go all-in for Derrick Rose. Just after All-Star Weekend concludes, the real show will begin with the most anticipated return in NBA history. Rose has dedicated his life to rehab and don’t be surprised if he comes back stronger and better than ever.

The only thing quicker than Rose flying past defenders will be the transformation that he brings to fantasy rosters. The Chicago Bulls will certainly ease him back into the lineup with limited minutes but once the gloves come off he will contend to be the top fantasy player. The most versatile guard in the league stepped it up in practice this week, working out with contact and two-on-two drills.

The hope is that Rose will make his debut shortly after the All-Star Break ends on February 17th. Chances are he will be limited to around 20 minutes per game but it’s not a stretch to say that half of a game from the great Derrick Rose is equivalent to an entire 48 minutes from most players.

Time will tell if Rose can return to his old ways this season but also leave room for the possibility that he can come back even better. By the time that fantasy playoff roll around, Rose will likely be playing without limitations. This makes him a must-have player for owners that have the opportunity to obtain him.

Rose has the potential to boost any team from an afterthought to a playoff contender or a playoff contender into a championship threat. Trading for him now when his value is still low would be a wise move for those that can afford to be without his production for another month. Teams that have assets piled up on the bench should  make every attempt to add Rose and take their team to the next level.

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