Erik Karlsson is Earning Title as Best Fantasy Hockey Defender

By Adam McGill
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

This off-season many fantasy hockey owners drafted Ottawa Senators defenseman Erik Karlsson very early. He had a jaw-dropping fantasy season last year and quickly jumped to the top of fantasy cheat sheets.

Last year the defender amassed an unthinkable 78 points. He managed to score 19 goals and add a center-like 59 assists that tied him for third in the league with 2012 NHL MVP, Evgeni Malkin.

Karlsson’s first four games this year have been no different, as he has amassed three goals and two assists. He has picked up exactly where he left off last year and the youngster continues to score like some of the best offensive players in the game from behind the blue line. He has changed the way fantasy hockey looks at defensemen.

These are phenomenal stats from a fantasy defender, because the position has normally been thought of as producing rather timid fantasy numbers. However, Karlsson has become of the leader of the new generation of hockey defenders and puts up solid fantasy numbers every night.

The 22-year-old loves to skate free in the offensive zone, which only helps him make more plays and be more active in the team’s forechecking. Many leagues also reward players for hits and forechecking, so this amazingly gives Karlsson even more fantasy value, as if he wasn’t already the best in the game.

Karlsson will continue to be the number one defender in all of fantasy hockey and will prove it week after week. He is one player that can be plugged into a fantasy hockey lineup without regret in daily leagues.


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