2013 Fantasy Baseball: Draft Bryce Harper

By Corey March
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Bryce Harper was blessed with the sweetest swing that the game has seen since Ken Griffey Jr. At 19-years-old Harper is just a boy compared to his peers, but it’s impossible to believe that there are 20 better fantasy baseball outfielders than this phenom. ESPN ranked him as the 21st best fantasy outfielder behind players such as Austin Jackson, Desmond Jennings and Ben Zobrist who couldn’t match Harper’s production even in their best years.

It’s hard to believe that Harper could be under the radar with all of the attention that he receives, but he would be a true value pick as the 21st outfielder off the board. While still getting his feet wet as a teenage rookie, Harper hit 22 home runs, nine triples and stole 18 bases while batting .270. With his first season behind him and a stacked lineup to protect him, Harper’s numbers will only improve.

With his swing and the strength that he generates, Harper will prove to be the best pure power hitter of his generation. His gaudy power numbers will start this year with a 35-home runs season, as Harper makes his first push toward MVP.

Harper is exactly the kind of player that you want on your fantasy team. He plays harder than anyone else on the field, and never settles for anything. If he hits a routine single between two outfielders, you can bet he’s looking to take second. He is capable of posting solid fantasy numbers purely based on his determination.

Add his elite talent into the mix and you have one of the best fantasy players for years to come.

Harper is a guy that you will want on your team this year. Draft him as a top-15 outfielder if you have to, because he’ll reward you with top-10 production.

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