Fantasy Baseball 2013: Don't Invest in Andy Dirks

By jordanhall
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While Andy Dirks may not be the sexiest name in MLB, he certainly has gotten a lot of attention among baseball purists. The Detroit Tigers outfielder is a flat-out ball player. He never turns in a clean jersey and has tremendous feel for the game. All of this cannot be denied, but it takes more than that to be a fantasy baseball star.

Dirks has received a lot of attention for someone of his ability and station. Rarely do Tigers get hyped like he has, but he seems to have been touted as a major sleeper in 2013. While I love Dirks as a ball player, think twice about investing in him in fantasy.

He looks as if he has the left field job in Motown going into the season, but job security is a major question mark to me. On the roster right now, are Brennan Boesch and Quintin Berry, two players that are more than capable of stealing time from Dirks.

Boesch has proven that he can slug at the Major League level, and manager Jim Leyland has stated that he will get a fresh chance to prove himself in 2013. Berry, more of a speedster than Dirks, offers Leyland more energy and small-ball. Between the two of them, if they each get a start a week, that leaves Dirks with only four or five starts, not nearly enough to make a difference for your team.

His position battle with Berry and Boesch pales in comparison to the eventual battle he will face to keep his job when prospects Avisail Garcia and Nick Castellanos are ready. Nobody knows when the Tigers will turn their extremely talented, but unseasoned, top prospects loose at the big league level, but you can guarantee that Dirks will be the one to yield his spot out of that outfield.

It truly is only a matter of time.

While his playing situation is tenuous at best, it’s actually his skill set that scares me off the most with Dirks. He simply is too average. He has never shown any significant power or run producing ability. Also, despite being rather quick, his career-high stolen bases of 22 was in 2010 across two minor league levels. He hits for a high average, but Dirks is far better suited for the fourth outfielder role that he will eventually take on this season.

Andy Dirks may remind many of Dustin Pedroia playing in the outfield, but he simply is not up to those standards. While he is a tremendous guy and a wonderful inspiration to those getting the most out of their talent, he simply isn’t fantasy baseball material, and should not be drafted in a standard mixed league.

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