Super Bowl Stud Performer: QB Joe Flacco

By Corey March
Jack Gruber-USA TODAY

Joe Flacco proved everything  in his first Super Bowl performance. With a championship and his reputation on the line, Flacco threw for 287 yards and three touchdowns in route to being named most valuable player. Flacco capped off a miraculous playoff run, finishing the postseason with 11 touchdowns and zero interceptions.

The Baltimore Ravens beat the San Francisco 49ers in XLVII by the score of 34-31. The game that will be remembered for a power outage and the Harbaugh brothers was won by a quarterback that was always doubted.

Flacco led the Baltimore offense to 34 points. They were successful on nine out of 16 third down conversions. Anquan Boldin was the first to find the end zone when Flacco delivered a strike between defenders. Boldin went on to make several of the biggest catches in Super Bowl history on key plays down the stretch.

The longest pass of the game came when Flacco found Jacoby Jones wide open down field for a pivotal 56-yard touchdown.

On the day, Flacco found seven different receivers and did just enough to overcome an excellent opponent. He was the sixth quarterback to be named MVP in the last seven Super Bowls.

In addition to the hardware, Flacco earned himself a big pay day by leading the underdog Ravens past some of the league’s toughest competition. Flacco solidified himself as a top 10 quarterback in the NFL and should be counted on as a No. 1 quarterback in fantasy football once the 2013 season comes around.

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