2013 Fantasy Baseball Sleeper: Juan Pierre

By Jeff Rosenberg
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Juan Pierre enters the 2013 fantasy baseball season as a 35-year-old former center fielder that has latched onto a Miami Marlins team desperate for any experience it can get. While Pierre’s story of being the only Marlin on this roster to have won the World Series with the franchise in 2006 is a heartwarming one, but can he bring anything to the table other than the feel-good story?

Last season with the Philadelphia Phillies, Pierre played in only 130 games and still stole 37 bases on 44 attempts. Pierre’s role on the team was initially as a utility outfielder, but later in the season he finally cracked the starting lineup.

While in Philly, Pierre also had to deal with being placed up and down their batting order, having being labeled a role player and not a starter. Pierre saw a majority of his at-bats in the two hole, but also batted leadoff, seventh and ninth a solid amount of times as well.

Pierre wrapped up his 2012 season hitting a surprising .307/.351/.371 with the 36 stolen bases and 59 runs. It would have been interesting to see what he could’ve done with more starts and consistent playing time, but nonetheless, he still had a great season that not many could have imagined for the then-34-year-old.

Enter 2013, and Juan Pierre is slated to leadoff for the Marlins in front of his former teammate from the Phillies, Placido Polanco, as well as an unconfirmed order of Logan Morrison and Giancarlo Stanton in the three and four holes. Pierre will be the Marlins starting left fielder on Opening Day, and if he plays like he did last year, won’t be in any danger of losing that spot.

Pierre is a career .297 hitter over his 13-year career. He has an extremely smart and patient hitter behind him in Polanco, and one of the best hitters in baseball in the heart of the order with Stanton. If Pierre can do what he’s done throughout his whole career, he will be roster-worthy for sure.

My Prediction for 2013: .312/.345/.370 with 80 runs and 41 stolen bases

Pierre is certainly worth a draft pick around the 15th round, just as long as your league doesn’t have defensive assists as a category.

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