2013 Fantasy Baseball: Time to Wait on Catchers

By jordanhall
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Everyone knows that catcher is the ultimate position of fantasy baseball scarcity. Every year, someone inevitably jumps early to make sure that they nab an MLB catcher that is a sure thing. However, despite what the talking heads will tell you, catcher is a position you can wait on in 2013.

This year, Buster Posey sits at the top, along with Yadier Molina, Matt Wieters, and Joe Mauer. I agree that these four are all good players, but do any of them inspire confidence in you to use a high draft pick on them? Posey and Mauer have major, and I mean major, injury concerns. Molina and Wieters are anything but a sure thing to replicate their 2012 numbers. The top simply isn’t worth the risk. You can get, just as great upside much later in the draft.

Instead of locking in your catcher early, I suggest that you wait until near the end of the draft to grab your catcher. I wrote about Salvador Perez a while back, but he should be your target going into the draft. The price is right for the production he is going to give you. There may not be a better bargain in your draft.

If you miss out on Mr. Perez, there are plenty of options that you could roll the dice with late in the draft that could be just as good as the guys at the top. Brian McCann is not done, he still has all the upside you used to love. Mike Napoli is being slept upon greatly this year. And lastly, on a hunch, I think Alex Avila has a big time bounce back season. He is off the national radar but is only a year removed from the All-Star game.

While many people want to be sure to grab a big name catcher, I suggest that you wait, wait, and then wait a little longer. Allow the rest of your roster to come together before you take the plunge on a backstop. You won’t regret it.

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