2013 Fantasy Baseball: Top 30 Infielders

By Brandon Burnett
Joey Votto Cincinnati Reds
Frank Victores – USA Today Sports

Waiting until the last minute to squeeze in your Christmas shopping is one thing, but failing to complete a proper amount of fantasy baseball research leading up to your draft can and likely will lead to absolute disaster. The MLB off-season does its part to shake up the pitching rotations and batting orders we grew accustomed to over the previous year, so if you aren’t up to date on the happenings of the baseball world, well, stop slacking.

Rankings are a great way to get a feel for how every player stacks up at each individual position. Aging veterans are giving way to a new wave of young phenoms. Forgotten fantasy studs have been working their way back from injuries, and some may return better than ever. A change of scenery and therefore transfer to a new ballpark can sometimes be just what a hitter or pitcher needs to rise to fantasy stardom.

When one tiny factor can prove to be the difference between a fantasy championship and missing the playoffs entirely, why not be as informed as possible?

Spring training is just about in full swing and Opening Day isn’t going to wait around for the procrastinators of the fantasy baseball world. You’re prepared to view this slideshow, so that means you’re already getting a leg up on some of your competition.

Here, you’ll find the Top 30 infielders for the 2013 season. We all know drafting a well-rounded infield can be tricky business, as middle infielders and catchers that excel at the plate are hard to come by after the first couple of rounds. Anybody can land a superstar like Miguel Cabrera or Albert Pujols in the first round, but the later rounds are where championships are won.


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