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Best Fantasy Baseball Team In MLB History

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Best Fantasy Lineup of All-Time

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There have been millions of fantasy baseball players that have gone through the drafts over the past 20 years. Some have helped us win championships and some have helped us finish in last place. Regardless, there have still been a handful of players that have really stood out over the last 20 years of the MLB.

Keep in mind that this is only including the fantasy baseball generation. There is no need to include legends, or relics, like Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, Mickey Mantle, or Willie Mays. This will only include the superstars that have been around since the game of fantasy baseball has become a household obsession.

Also keep in mind that this includes some of the biggest violators of the MLB Substance Abuse Policy, because back when these guys where All-Stars, there was not a Substance Abuse Policy. Fantasy doesn’t exactly punish steroid users, in fact fantasy is all about numbers, so the increase in stats actually benefits owners. After all, I don’t see anyone who won a championship back then forced to give back their rings.

Anyone who owned, played against, or even watched these players would have no need to argue the fantasy stats they put up. These were some players that gave meaning to the word franchise players back in the day.

Lastly all of these players are either still playing or still involved in baseball in some fashion. That should show the true impact that they had on the game of baseball for not only their generation, but the generations to come in the future.

Here is a look at the All-Fantasy Baseball team, including starters at every major position.

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C Mike Piazza

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Mike Piazza - Piazza hit 427 home runs throughout his 12-time All-Star career and it is more than any other catcher to every get behind the plate. Also keep in mind that he played his entire career in the National League, so he wasn’t in a DH role for fantasy owners. Piazza was behind the plate, catching and hitting home runs on a daily basis.

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1B Mark McGwire

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Mark McGwire – McGwire was the premier power hitter in baseball for a short time. In a four-year stretch, McGwire crushed 245 home runs and drove in a ludicrous 530 runs, which was an insane average of 61.3 home runs and 135 RBI per year. He was the number one fantasy stick for five straight years. McGwire may be hated now, but in his prime fantasy owners were praising him.

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2B Roberto Alomar

Roberto Alomar
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Roberto Alomar - Alomar had a career batting average of .300. He also stole 474 career bases, hit 210 homers, and scored 1,508 runs. Alomar was the old-school Robinson Cano, so youngsters should show respect.

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3B Alex Rodriguez

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Alex Rodriguez – Rodriguez has always been known has a home run hitter. A-Rod has 647 career home runs from the hot corner and is currently ranked sixth All-Time, just 13 behind Willie Mays. He may be slowing down significantly, but fantasy owners sure remember his seasons of 50-plus home runs and 130-plus RBI.

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SS Derek Jeter

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Derek Jeter – No player has done it longer for fantasy owners at shortstop than Mr. Jeter. He has a career .313 batting average and has played over 130 games in 17 straight seasons. These numbers are the perfect combination for a franchise shortstop and have made him the most consistent shortstop in the history of fantasy.

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SS Cal Ripken Jr.

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Cal Ripken Jr. - Out of respect for the Iron Man, I deemed it necessary to include him on this list. Anyone who owned Cal in his prime would certainly not disagree. For 21 years, Ripken was in the middle of the O’s infield and no one was more reliable than good ole Cal.

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OF Barry Bonds

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Barry Bonds – Barry Bonds may have used steroids and he may have ruined the integrity of the game of baseball, but for a decade he was the number one player in all of fantasy. He had eight seasons with over 40 homers, including his 2001 season in which he crushed 73 home runs, drove in 137 runs and was walked 177 times. Not only does Bonds own the home run record with 762 home runs, but he also holds the MLB record with 2,558 walks.

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OF Ken Griffey Jr.

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Ken Griffey Jr. – Griffey was the king of the fantasy outfield for a decade. He crushed over 40 home runs in seven out of eight years between 1993 and 2000, and the only reason he didn’t reach the mark in 1995 was because he got injured. Honestly, the only thing that kept him from being the best fantasy outfielder of All-Time was because of his injury record. He missed significant time in seven of his prime seasons and it caused him to be a constant thorn in the side of fantasy owners. However, his 630 home runs certainly made his injury problems worth it in the long run.

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OF Sammy Sosa

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Sammy Sosa – Sosa may be another one of the most hated players in baseball, but his fantasy numbers were undeniable. In four seasons, Sosa hit 243 home runs and drove in an ungodly 597 runs.

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OF Rickey Henderson

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Rickey Henderson – The leftfielder made millions of people regret the invention of the rotisserie league. He finished with 1,406 career stolen bases and still stands as the most decorated base stealer of All-Time. He has six seasons with over 80 stolen bases, including seasons of 100, 108 and an MLB record 130.

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SP Nolan Ryan

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Nolan Ryan – Ryan was the most dominant strikeout pitcher in the history of baseball, let alone fantasy. The Ryan Express even has the record for most strikeouts in major league history, with 5,714. He magically recorded over 325 strikeouts five different times, including a season with a jaw-dropping 383 strikeouts. Everyone likes to talk about Justin Verlander’s 239 strikeouts from last year as dominating, well imagine another 150 K’s on top of that.

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SP Randy Johnson

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Randy Johnson – Johnson posted 13 seasons with over 200 strikeouts, including eight years with over 240 K’s. The Big Unit was one of the most electric fantasy pitchers to ever stand on the bump and his over 100 MPH heater was almost impossible to hit in the 1990's.

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SP Pedro Martinez

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Pedro Martinez – Martinez was untouchable in his prime. He posted three seasons with an ERA under 2.20 and posted an unthinkable lifetime WHIP of 1.054. Not only was Pedro an amazing ERA pitcher, but he also fanned his share of batters as well. Martinez has three seasons in which in registered over 280 strikeouts, including two of them where he went over 303 K’s. Martinez was one of the best arms of the fantasy generation, and Pedro was a staple in the first round every year of his prime.

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SP Roger Clemens

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Roger Clemens – After years of wondering, it turned out that the Rocket was running on more than rocket fuel. Clemens may be the third most hated player in baseball, behind Barry Bonds and Pete Rose, but his fantasy numbers were rather staggering. Clemens had eight years with 230 or more strikeouts. He also went over 200 innings in 15 different seasons, but the shocking stats were that he threw 271 innings in 1999 and 264 innings in 1997, which we now know was with the help of PEDS. However, these stats were lights out for fantasy owners back in the day and made him a fantasy ace for a decade.

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SP Greg Maddux

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Greg Maddux - Maddux was one of the most consistent pitchers to ever pick up a baseball. The journeyman recorded 17 consecutive seasons with at least 15 wins and he went over 200 innings every time except one season, in which he threw 199.1 innings. Maddux was never a dominating strikeout pitcher, but his ability to get outs and hit his locations was unmatched in fantasy.

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RP Mariano Rivera

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Mariano Rivera – Rivera is shockingly already the best closer of All-Time. He has a MLB best 608 career saves and he isn’t called the Sandman for nothing. Rivera dominated fantasy leagues for over a decade and is the first name that comes to mind when you think of a fantasy baseball closer.

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RP Trevor Hoffman

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Trevor Hoffman – The fantasy baseball generation was lucky enough to see the two most dominating closers in the history of the sport of baseball. There is a reason that Rivera and Hoffman are one-two in saves in major leagues history and it is because they are the two best closers to ever pick up a baseball in the ninth inning.