Fantasy Baseball Debate: Adrian Beltre or David Wright?

By Adam Pfeifer
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Unlike shortstop and second base, third base is very deep in fantasy baseball this season. Obviously, the top guy at the position and arguably in fantasy in general is Miguel Cabrerabut after that, there is quite the debate over who should be considered the number two guy.

So, the question arises; David Wright or Adrian Beltre?


Honestly, you cannot go wrong with either guy. When you get to this point, you are nit-picking a bit, as it’s more of a personal preference. However, my preference would have to be Beltre. He has shown consistency that has been comforting fantasy owners, hitting for at least .296 over the past three seasons, two of which he hit for .321. Beltre has also hit for over 100 RBI in each of those seasons, while only hitting less than 30 home runs once (28).


Wright certainly has the upper hand in age (3 years younger than Beltre) and speed, allowing him to be a 15-20 base stealing candidate. Beltre has only robbed a pitiful four bases over the last three seasons. However, Wright isn’t that batting crown caliber guy anymore. He is more of a 20-25 home run guy and isn’t as safe of a bet to bat for average as Beltre is. We aren’t very sure if Wright’s power is still there, while Beltre is one of the premiere power hitters in baseball, slugging 36 home runs in 2012, ranking 6th in the AL.

Lineup Protection

Despite the departure of former teammate Josh Hamilton, I would still prefer the supporting cast of Beltre over that of Wright’s. Guys like Nelson Cruz and Ian Kinsler are more than capable bats in the lineup. The Mets roster is dwindling as we speak and they just aren’t the powerhouse team of the NL East that baseball has been accustomed to seeing. All in all, I feel that Beltre will have a better opportunity to drive in runs, while also crossing homeplate himself.

Look, you obviously can’t go wrong with either of these guys. However, despite his age (33), I believe that Beltre is a safer bet, based on his consistency over the past three seasons. You have my vote, what say you?

Adam Pfeifer is a featured fantasy columnist for Rant Sports.

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