Fantasy Baseball: Spotlight on Drew Stubbs

By Professor Bush
Jake Roth, USA Today Sports

So what’s the case for having Drew Stubbs on your fantasy baseball team? Can you afford to carry a player with a .213 batting average ?

Well, the Cincinnati Reds would probably answer that question in the negative. This is probably why they traded him to the Cleveland Indians over the winter. It was initially thought that Stubbs would lead off and play center field for the Indians, but the acquisition of Michael Bourn changed that.  So now it looks like Stubbs will play in right field and bat down low in the order, which certainly decreases his fantasy value.

While Stubbs has stolen 100 bases and hit 51 HRs in the last three seasons, his batting average can be a big drag if he doesn’t make a substantial improvement. Look at it this way. If the typical team AVG is around .270, Stubbs could drag your team AVG down to .264, which could make it the second worst in a 12-team league. You would need another player to bat .327 just to get your team AVG into the middle of the pack in your league. Or alternatively, you would need two players to bat .298 to accomplish the same thing.

So unless your are late in the draft and still desperate for steals, I would certainly avoid Stubbs. There are two prospects with large upsides going after him in the drafts this spring – Starling Marte and Wil MyersYou could probably take Emilio Bonifacio and get some infield eligibility as well.  But I would take Stubbs over the aging Juan Pierre playing in the atrocious Miami Marlins lineup.

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