Fantasy Baseball: Yadier Molina or Joe Mauer for Catcher?

By Professor Bush
Derick Hingle – USA Today Sports

Who would you rather have for catcher on your fantasy baseball team, Yadier Molina or Joe Mauer ?  Let’s see if we can help you with your decision.

First, let me say that if you can get either of these two catchers, you should do well at that position this year.

Molina plays for the St. Louis Cardinals and is 31 years old. He was pretty much a secret gem in the catcher ranks until last season. He had career bests in all five of the typical fantasy league hitting stats. He even managed to get 12 steals, which is pretty amazing for a catcher at his age, or any age for that manner.

Molina’s 22 HRs, 65 RBI, .373 OBP, and .315 AVG certainly fortified many fantasy teams last year. The only issue I have with him is that he typically plays just under 140 games per year, so there is the risk that he could start to wear down. And since he is in the National League, there is no DH position to give him a regular break from behind the plate.

Mauer plays for the Minnesota Twins and is 30 years old. After injury problems in 2011, he bounced back for a strong 2012. To compare with Molina, his numbers were 10 HRs, 85 RBI, .417 OBP, .310 AVG, and 8 steals. This is a pretty close call based on the numbers.

But the strong advantage for Mauer is that he does qualify at first base, which gives you lineup flexibility. And since he plays in the American League he can play some games at DL to get a break from the field. In the case of catchers, this is a big deal, which I think makes Mauer the better choice of these two.

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