Fantasy Baseball: Spotlight on David Wright, Captain America

By Professor Bush
Mark Rebilas – USA Today Sports

The peformance of David Wright of the New York Mets in the World Baseball Classic has earned him the nickname of Captain America. But what does Wright hold in store for your fantasy baseball team?

In recent years, Wright has had strong first halves and then faded as the season progressed. Part of this is undoubtedly due to lack of any serious consistent offensive production from his teammates. If you are on the mound, would you rather pitch to Wright or bounce outside curves in the dirt for Ike Davis to swing at? So this suggests a potential strategy if you play in a non-keeper league. Draft him appropriately, then trade him when his value has peaked at mid-season.

OK, but where should you take him in the draft? This spring he is being drafted at position 24 on average, between Evan Longoria and Hanley Ramirez on the 3B list. This is considerably higher than some sources rank him. For example, Lindy’s Sports Annuals has him at position 38 and below both Ryan Zimmerman and Chase Headley. But in a draft reported on here by Adam Pfeifer, Wright was taken at number 17. So there are certainly a variety of opinions here.

I think the Mets will need to think about giving Wright a day off every week or so, despite his protests. The best we can expect from Wright this year would be a .295 AVG, a dozen steals and 18 HRs, since there still is not adequate protection for him in the Mets’ lineup.

If you can get him at position 26 or later, I would jump on him. Just don’t over pay. The Mets are still a year away from being serious contenders.


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