2013 Fantasy Football: Will Welker or Amendola Be More Productive in 2013?

By Cameron Adamczyk
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Two of the biggest moves on Wednesday involved Wes Welker and Danny Amendola. Welker, who made his name as one of the NFL’s best slot receivers with the New England Patriots, just abandoned his long-time team to head over to the Denver Broncos. As for Amendola, he hopped out of Saint Louis and replaced Welker as the newest slot receiver in New England.

Both of these guys are PPR (Points Per Reception) beasts. With both of these guys going to places where they have hall-of-fame quarterbacks, they’re fantasy value shoots up. Welker has always been a PPR monster. He has had 768 receptions in his career. That already gives him 768 fantasy points in his career, not counting yards or touchdowns. Amendola has had 196 career receptions in only four years, which obviously translates to 196 fantasy points. But in the upcoming years, who will prevail as the better fantasy wide receiver?

Going forward they will depend on Peyton Manning and Tom Brady for the success of these two slot receivers. If you were going to bank on any two quarterbacks to help a receiver thrive in a system, two names that immediately come to mind are those two. Much like actual football, the success of receivers comes down to the ability of their quarterback. I don’t think either of these guys has a distinct advantage in the category of quarterback.

Wes Welker has been as sure as anyone to play in nearly all of his team’s regular season games. He has missed three games in his career in total. Amendola, on the other hand, has missed 28 games in his four year career. The durability of Amendola is by far his biggest concern. How can you trust this guy to play 16 games when he has only done it once in four seasons?

The biggest concern for Welker is he is the third option in Denver. He signed the 12 million dollar contract knowing that he is the third wide out. Before him come Eric Decker and Demaryius Thomas, so Welker’s targets are going to see a dip in what he usually gets.

If I had to choose between the two in a standard format, it would be very difficult. They’re both not ideal wide outs in a standard format, but when they’re in a PPR format, they are very dangerous. I would take Amendola in a PPR format because he is younger, he will get more targets and I think Brady has a little more left in the tank. This could very well change as we hear how Amendola and Welker are adjusting with their new teams and when we hear what each of their roles are.

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