Fantasy Football 2013: Has James Casey Become Relevant?

By Professor Bush
Thomas Campbell – USA Today Sports

Has James Casey of the Philadelphia Eagles suddenly become relevant in fantasy football?   In past years he was mostly just a novelty since he had duel eligibility as TE and RB. But could he play a pivotal role in Chip Kelly’s read-option offense?

After a three-year shot at professional baseball, Casey played two years of college football for Rice where he played a variety of positions.  He set a school single-season record of 111 receptions in his final year. He also rushed for 241 yards and completed two of five passes.

He was drafted by the Houston Texans in the fifth round of the 2009 NFL draft.  With the Texans, he started out at fullback as the lead blocker for Arian Foster.  But in 2012 he had a career high of 34 receptions and three TDs from his positions as tight end and slot receiver.  He was on the field for a little more than half of the Texans’ offensive plays.

So you can see how such a versatile player could play a key role in Kelly’s option offense.  On any play, Casey could go in motion and end up becoming the tight end, the slot receiver, a blocking back, a running back, or a throwing halfback.  This could cause quite a problem for the defense trying to figure out who is responsible for covering him.  And he also might just become a roving blocker and provide another level of quarterback protection that the Eagles certainly can use but wouldn’t mean much in fantasy leagues.

Since it can take a lot of brain power to play in an option offense, it might be relevant that Casey graduated with a triple major in Economics,  Sports Management, and Managerial Studies with a GPA over 3.6.

So look carefully at how Casey is deployed in preseason games and see if there is a spot for him on your team this season. That dual-eligibility might come in handy during the bye weeks.

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