Fantasy Baseball: Where Should You Rank Ryan Braun Now?

By Professor Bush
Kyle Terada – USA Today Sports

So just as you were finishing up your ranking and strategy for your fantasy baseball draft, you might have seen this tweet today:

Report: MLB targeting Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Braun via @cbssports

— Eye on Baseball (@EyeOnBaseball) March 16, 2013

So now what do you do about Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers?

Prior to this news, you probably were thinking that you’d take Braun any place you could get him unless you got the first pick and went with Mike Trout.  After all, there aren’t many players with 30/30 capability these days.  Other than these two players, Matt Kemp might be the only one with a chance to do that this year.

Braun has been at the top of the fantasy ranks for several years.  Look at this data from the last four years:

– Over 100 runs each year
– Over 100 RBI each year
– AVG over .300 each year
– 20 or more steals three times
– Averaged 33 HR per year.

But last year his season was in jeopardy due the results of a drug test.  However for the first time ever a player successfully appealed an MLB drug test and Braun was able to play the entire season.  So this brings us full circle to this year.  Is the linkage to Biogenesis just old news, or is there something here of concern?  Braun has asserted that he only hired the firm as a consultant during his issues of last year.

So what do you do?  If you have the first or second pick, you couldn’t go wrong taking Trout or Miguel Cabrera. But what if you have the third or fourth pick?  Do you let the current cloud over Braun drive you towards Kemp or Robinson Cano?  Again, you probably can’t go wrong with either of those picks.  But if Braun is still available at position number five, I think you need to snag him; you can’t let him fall further.

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