Fantasy Football 2013: Sleeper Pick — Reggie Bush

By Cameron Adamczyk
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Lions usually don’t come to mind when you think of a team to beat. Over the last decade, they have been arguably the worst team in the NFL. The tides have turned in the past two seasons for the Lions though, as they have one of the best aerial attacks in the league headlined by Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson. Now the Lions signed a prolific running back named Reggie Bush.

Bush has had a disappointing seven-year career with his previous two teams, the Miami Dolphins and New Orleans Saints. Bush spent his first five seasons with the Saints in a running back committee, and the most yards he had in a season in New Orleans was 581 which were in his second season. His production took a steep increase when he rushed for 1,086 yards in his first season in Miami.

With Bush settling in a high-flying offense, he becomes a very delectable running back sleeper. If you are in a PPR league, he may be good enough to be your second running back option, but in a standard format, he looks really good as a flex option.

Bush isn’t going to be taken in the first four rounds of drafts, which makes him a very good value pick. He could easily bring in 1,100 total yards and five touchdowns in his first season as a Lion.

Just because he has a good value, however, doesn’t mean you should go and grab him earlier than you should. There are going to be a lot of people who are going to look at that Lions’ offense and overrate Bush, and draft him way too high. The key for sleepers is to draft them where they have the sleeper value.

Bush is one of the guys that may not be a sleeper in your league. The earliest I would draft Bush would be the fifth round, and that is a stretch.


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