2013 Fantasy Baseball AL West Third Baseman

By Brian Fischler
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Amazingly, one of the most under-appreciated players in fantasy baseball is the Texas RangersAdrian Beltre. I to am guilty of over looking him when it comes to my drafts. Maybe it was all those sub-par years in Seattle when Beltre seemed to turn into a .250 hitter with no power.

Well, those days are in the rear view mirror, and you can snag Beltre in many leagues as a late second round and possibly third round pick. All he will do is put up strong numbers at a position that is weaker than it seems. Look for Beltre to put up 85 runs, 28 HRs, 94 RBIs, 1 SB, and a .295 AVG.

The current Seattle Mariners third baseman Kyle Seager is a very sneaky late pick. He has the luxury that Beltre never had. The fences are being moved in at Safeco Field. While he won’t hit for the power that Beltre provides, he will contribute a little in every category. Additionally, you can grab Saeger very late in most drafts. Look for Kyle to put up 69 runs, 17 HRs, 74 RBIs, 12 SB, and a .271 AVG.

The Oakland Athletics‘ Josh Donaldson is someone to keep an eye on. While he is off to an awful start this Spring, he is someone with sneaky pop, as Intentional Talk’s Kevin Millar would say. Oh God, you know you are in trouble when you are quoting Kevin Millar. Look for Donaldson to put up 53 runs, 16 HRs, 64 RBIs, 5 SB, and a .248 AVG.

Houston, we have a problem, and it’s called the Astros! I can’t be the first person to use that joke about this year’s Houston Astros. Manning the hot corner is youngster Matt Dominguez. He might be worth a flyer in NL-only leagues, but only problem is the Astros are now in the AL, so make that AL-only leagues. Look for Dominguez to put up 51 runs, 13 HRs, 60 RBIs and a .248 AVG.

Considering how much money the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have spent, it is surprising to me that Alberto Callaspo is still their third baseman. Look for the Angels worst Albert to put up 51 runs, 8 HRs, 47 RBIs, 4 SB, and a .270 AVG.

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