Fantasy Baseball: Round 1 of Sports Writers Draft

By Professor Bush
Jake Roth – USA Today Sports

This weekend, we had the fantasy baseball draft in the Sports Writers league, where writers from two top sports sites participated. So, I will share the results of the first several rounds, starting with the first one here.   Now, keep in mind this league is a head-to-head format with weekly lineups, not daily.  It is not a keeper league. Different strategies would apply to a different format.

Here are the results of the first round:

1. Mike Trout

2. Miguel Cabrera

3. Ryan Braun

4. Robinson Cano

5. Joey Votto

6. Matt Kemp

7.  Andrew McCutcheon

8.  Carlos Gonzalez

9.  Albert Pujols

10.  Justin Verlander

11. Prince Fielder

12. Clayton Kershaw.

I don’t think there were any really surprise picks in this round, just a matter of personal preference.  For example, I don’t like to take a pitcher with my first-round pick, but you can hardly fault the managers taking Verlander or Kershaw here. The first four selections were consistent with other drafts we’ve seen this spring.  Votto was a slot or two higher than we’ve seen, but since the league does use OBP as a stat, this is a reasonable pick.  And since Kemp is coming back from an injury, Votto could be the safer pick.

Since he was near the end of the round and the snake would have come around to him again quickly, maybe at the 10th spot the manager could have taken Fielder and targeted Stephen Strasburg with his second pick. Since it was unlikely that the two managers below him would have taken pitchers with each of their first two rounds, he had a clear path to Strasburg.

One player conspicuously missing from the first round was Giancarlo Stanton. However, since he was the first pick in the second round, this is just dancing on the head of a pin. However, his ranking has dipped this spring as managers realize that Stanton will not be getting a lot of protection in the Miami Marlins bargain-basement lineup.  Either Casey Kotchman, who batted .228 last year, or Rob Brantley could be batting behind him.  A repeat of his 37 HR last year might be difficult to accomplish.

Watch for the next articles where we will highlight subsequent rounds of this draft.

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