2013 Fantasy Baseball: Predicted Category Leaders

By Professor Bush
Steve Mitchell – USA Today Sports

Now that most drafts have been held and we’re all just chomping at the bit for the fantasy baseball season to start, I thought it would be a good time to break out some yearly offensive leaders predictions.

HR – Giancarlo Stanton. Yes, I realize that the supporting cast on the Miami Marlins is atrocious. This will certainly limit Stanton’s RBI and maybe runs as well. However, if the Marlins are down 5 – 0 in the middle of the game, which might happen quite a lot, I don’t think the pitcher will try to pitch around Stanton and risk getting a rally started. He might as well let him hit one out and limit the damage. Stanton has not even reached the age of 24 yet and hit 37 HR in only 123 games last year. If he can play in 150 games this season, I see him hitting 44 HR and leading both leagues.

RBI – Miguel Cabrera. He has a ideal situation for producing runs. Austin Jackson and Tori Hunter will bat ahead of him and Prince Fielder will bat behind him. Men on base and protection is a perfect combination. I see Cabrera again winning the RBI category this year with 134.

Runs – Justin Upton. Yes, this is a bit of an odd prediction here. But I don’t think Andrelton Simmons will be able to hold down the leadoff sport for very long. So this means that the Atlanta Braves will be moving around their lineup trying to find the right combination. Upton will find himself batting in front of Jason Heyward and Freddie Freeman enough times that he should score a lot of runs, 110 to be exact.

Steals – Ben Revere. Something tells me that Charlie Manuel has fallen in love with Revere, will keep him at the top of the lineup and give him the green light to run. He will want to help his aging stars Chase Utley and Ryan Howard get their fair share of fast balls and putting Revere in motion will help with that. A healthy Revere should be able to tally 45 steals.

Keep me honest; write these down and check back at the end of the season.

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