2013 Fantasy Baseball: Bryce Harper Homers in First Two At Bats

By Brian Fischler
Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

It is so wrong that I am close to middle age and I have a man crush on a 20 year old boy named Bryce. I imagine though with all the millions of people who play fantasy baseball that I am not alone.

It is only the first day of the 2013 baseball season, and the Washington NationalsBryce Harper is already the talk of the fantasy world. Harper has homered in his first two at bats and is on pace for 500 plus homers. Okay, so I had to have a little fun with the man who is going to tie Mickey Mantle’s career homers in his first full season. For those of you who don’t have The Mick’s career homers committed to memory, he hit 536 home runs all while playing for the New York Yankees.

Mike Trout who? With most fantasy drafts being completed, Harper had an average draft position of 28 in yahoo leagues and 30 in ESPN leagues, making him a mid third round pick depending on the size of your league. If you missed out on this potential super stud and are looking to make a trade for him, expect to offer whoever you took in the first or second round, possibly combined with your third and fourth round pick. While that seems like an awful lot to give for Bryce Bryce baby, the owner of him in your league would have to have his head examined to trade him after his performance today.

My advice to those of you who must get Bryce is patience. Don’t offer the farm for him today. Like many young players, Harper will go through a two week swoon, and that’s when you make your move for him.

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