2013 Fantasy Baseball Week One Waiver Wire Advice

By Brian Fischler
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

You have spent countless hours researching for your draft, constantly checking fantasy sites for the latest player news and notes. Now that the season has begun, you sit back, and wait for your players to perform and lead you to your league championship. I can’t argue that the most important part of your fantasy baseball season is your draft, but I can argue about the second most important part is week one waiver wire observance.

Having played fantasy baseball for the past 16 years (oh gosh that might be as old as some of my readers), I have picked up a thing or two over that time. In fantasy baseball, patience is everything. Where fantasy football might be a dash, fantasy baseball is a marathon. I’ll never forget the year when a guy in my league cut the New York Yankees Mariano Rivera for a guy who picked up a save in the first week. The only thing that annoyed me was I didn’t have a high enough waiver to pick Rivera up.

You’re probably not playing in a league with people dumb enough to drop the likes of a Rivera in the first week, but keep an eye on the waiver wire as you will be pleasantly surprised how quick some owners are to dump a player for the guy who is off to a torrid start. If you spent the time ranking your players for your draft, go back to those rankings when consulting your waiver wire in week one. Don’t let a few hot games mislead you into cutting a guy you ranked higher before the season. Trust the research you did, and the time you put into it.

You would be amazed who owners in your league are cutting to pick up the Texas Rangers Alexi Ogando and the Yankees Vernon Wells. We’re either of these two players ranked in your top 200 for your draft? No, so why would you cut someone like the Tampa Bay Rays Jeremy Hellickson or the Yankees Brett Gardner due to a poor outing and a slow start.

Instead of being the guy who races to pick up Ogando or Wells, pay attention to who the other owners in your league are dropping, and you might end up picking up a guy you missed out on in your draft. Don’t be afraid to use your waiver claim in week one, as it might be the most important week in which players are cut.

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