Fantasy Football 2013: Peyton Manning or Tom Brady in 2013?

By Cameron Adamczyk
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

There have been great battles over the years. Some of the greatest battles have taken place on the football field. The most recent battles have been just as good as ones from the past, but we all know the best battle of the past decade has been the elusive match up of Tom Brady against Peyton Manning.

The debate whether Brady or Manning is the better quarterback has been as debated as left Twix vs. right Twix. It is analyzed by career accomplishments and by per-season statistics. I, however, compare the two by their fantasy football production. As a fantasy football nerd, I want the better of the two quarterbacks on my squad more than debating who is better.

The question today is, if you were building a team for one year that determined life or death, would you choose Manning or Brady as your quarterback?


There are many different variables to this equation. The first is age and wear and tear on the body. Brady has Manning in this category. Manning is two years older than Brady, and he has had four neck operations. We saw the effects of the neck surgeries when Manning tried to throw the deep ball multiple times, but he wasn’t very effective with it.

The second variable is the receiver corps. Peyton has the obvious advantage in this category. He has three top notch wide receivers lining up for him in Eric Decker, Wes Welker, and Demaryius Thomas. Having all those weapons to throw to outweighs Brady’s choices of Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez.

The third variable is their schedule. The NFL schedules are still not released, but if we are basing it off last year’s schedule, Peyton has the advantage here too. He is in a worse division in a worse conference.

The final variable is the attempts they are going to get. For the New England Patriots, they pass the ball a lot more than the Denver Broncos. Last season, Brady threw 637 times, but Manning threw 583 times. If that is any indication for next year, Brady has the advantage. He has control of the offense and the trust of the coaching staff and city. Manning has only been in Denver for one season. While I am sure he has all the trust in the world, he has a little more pressure to succeed.

To answer the question, I would lean toward Peyton Manning. He has three of the four variables in his favor, and he has another year of chemistry under his belt. If I had to take one for a year against the aliens, give me Manning in a very tough decision.


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