2013 Fantasy Baseball: Baltimore Orioles Brian Roberts Already Hurt

By Brian Fischler
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Did you blink? If you did you might have missed that the Baltimore Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts is already hurt. Roberts, who is a late sleeper in many fantasy baseball leagues, entered the 2013 season healthy for the first time since the original Star Wars. Roberts is headed for an MRI today, and should there be anybody that plays full time on your leagues waiver wire, go ahead and cut Roberts for them.

Other takeaways from last night’s action.

It’s hard to believe that this will be the last season we see the great Mariano Rivera coming into relieve Andy Pettitte. The New York Yankees duo has been a tandem since 1997 when Rivera moved into the full time closer role. Both would be heading to the Hall of Fame together if Pettitte didn’t have a little performance enhancing drug admission hanging over his head.

Rivera the All Time Saves leader at 609, and Pettitte is the active leader in wins at 246. So enjoy it while it lasts, and should Pettitte not have been drafted in your league, what are you waiting for? Stop reading and go and pick him up.

The Toronto Blue Jays catcher J.P. Arencibia launched two home runs last night. I believe he did the same thing last season, possibly even hitting three in a game in the first two weeks of the season. Everyone ran out to pick this guy up in 2012, only to find out that he is one of the most streaky players in the game. When he’s hot, he will hit homers in bunches, and when he is cold, he will destroy your average. I would suggest passing on this guy, especially if your league counts strikeouts against you.

While in the film, Major League, Bob Uecker might have been talking about a fictional Cleveland Indians team and their inability to get more than “one (expletive) hit”, the same might be said about the 2013 Miami Marlins. Instead of the one hit thing though, you can use Uecker’s statement in regards to runs in a three game series.

The Marlins scored one run against the Washington Nationals in the entire series. Meaning for those of you who spent a high draft pick on uber-stud Giancarlo Stanton, hopefully you did it in a keeper league, as I expect it to be a very very long year for Stanton with disappointing overall numbers.

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