2013 Fantasy Baseball: Chris Davis It's Not To Early To Sell High

By Brian Fischler
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

You wouldn’t be crazy to start shopping the Baltimore Orioles Chris Davis. Davis is off to a torrid start and is only the fourth player to ever homer in his first four games of the season. Davis joins Willie Mays, Mark McGwire, and Nelson Cruz for this unique distinction.

While the Texas Rangers are stuck with Mitch Moreland at first base, and probably regretting trading Davis, you wouldn’t be crazy to look into trading him. Sure, Davis put up his first 30 homer season in 2012 while hitting a respectable .270. You probably spent a late round draft pick on Davis this year, so why not put out some feelers and see who might bite. You would be surprised how many owners in your league over react to torrid starts. So, see what you might get in return for Davis.

If you are a Davis owner, you are hoping you can find someone in your league who over values hot starts. If you are doing that, then you are smart enough not to buy into the San Francisco Giants Barry Zito. Zito has been a very popular pick up in many leagues after his first outing of the year where he tossed seven shutout innings while striking out four.

Over the past four seasons, Zito has pitched 28 innings, while posting a .96 ERA, .68 WHIP and striking out 18 in his season debuts. The problem is he has to pitch the rest of the season.

Sure Zito won 15 games in 2012, but he did it while posting a 4.15 ERA and a 1.39 WHIP. You only have to look back to 2011 to recall why you should avoid Zito. He won a whopping three games while posting a 5.87 ERA. Don’t expect Zito to lead you to a fantasy baseball championship. He isn’t anything more than a spot starter who should be on most leagues waiver wires.

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