Fantasy Football 2013: Who Will Rob Gronkowski's Injury Affect Most?

By Cameron Adamczyk
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

It was recently released that the New England Patriot’s star tight end Rob Gronkowski will require a fourth left forearm surgery to remove the plate inserted in the arm in order to ensure an infection is no longer there.

This is huge news for an array of different people. One of those people is us, the fantasy football players. This news doesn’t mean that he will miss week one, but it lowers the probability of him coming back for the start of the season.

The question here is, how does the Gronkowski injury affect the fantasy football landscape?

The biggest effect this injury will have is on Tom Brady. Brady’s favorite target is Gronk. With an already small amount of options Brady has, this really limits the star quarterback. He now has only two real threats lining up to receive passes. How is he going to be a top three quarterback when he is throwing to Michael Jenkins on some downs?

The second effect will be on draft positions of guys like Jimmy Graham. People are going to now look at Graham in a different light. Now people are going to want to draft Graham five or six picks higher than he would have gone if Gronk was healthy. This also bumps a few early-third round guys up to a late-second round pick.

The third effect is on him. This could seriously lower his value, or it could not change it at all. We need more news to truly determine how much it will affect him.

There are more things that are affected, but there isn’t enough time to go through them all, especially this early in the news cycle.


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